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Important Information About Tramadol Dosage

Try to take Tramadol 50mg doses regularly at a fixed time. But you still can take the dose you missed as soon as you remember to do it. If it’s time for the next scheduled dose, don’t take it along with the missed one. Skip the previous dose, but don’t forget about your schedule henceforth. Increasing the dosage of tramadol may lead to numerous negative consequences including addiction to the drug and poor health. You may use an alarm in order to remind you about your dosages. The other way not to forget to take Tramadol 50mg is to ask your relatives or friends to help you keep in mind the time of a scheduled dose.

It is very important to determine the dosage of Tramadol correctly. Dosages may be different for various patients, depending on their overall health and the type of pain they experience. For more accurate recommendations you need your doctor’s prescription. But usually you should start with low doses (25mg every day). Then you may increase your dose gradually and finally reach 100 mg daily dose of Tramadol hcl. It means you have to take 25 mg doses four times a day. As a rule it is enough to reveal moderately severe long-lasting pain. If the pain is too sharp, you may need to double the dosage and take Tramadol 50mg tablets every 4-6 hours. But remember that the maximum dosage of Tramadol hcl must never exceed 400 mg. Moreover, don’t make any changes in your daily dosage without consultation of your health care provider.

For extended-release Tramadol the maximum possible daily dosage is 300 mg. The first dose is usually 100 mg and in the next 5 days you can increase the dose little by little depending on how your organism tolerates this pain reliever. To get rid of chronic pain you may need to use Tramadol for a long time on a regular basis.

Doses may be different for those who experience fast analgesic effect. Anyway it shouldn’t be more than 400 mg per day. Some patients may need to lower the dosage during their course of treatment, to make a little break in the course or stop taking this drug completely due to their individual intolerance to components of Tramadol hcl.

Geriatric patients, especially those who are more than 73 years old should be very careful when buying and taking cheap Tramadol. 300 mg dose of the medication can be dangerous for their health. Doctors usually prescribe lower doses for geriatric people; otherwise the risk of renal or hepatic malfunction and other side effects is very high. Furthermore, most of old people take a range of other medications, some of which are not compatible with Tramadol 50mg. So ask your doctor for an advice and find out which drugs you can take along with Tramadol. The older you are the higher the probability of negative consequences.

Children under 16 years old are not recommended to use this preparation at all. Young people usually get a prescription for Ryzolt (Tramadol hcl Extended-Release tablets) 100 mg daily dose.